Hot Water Repair Technician Van

Our Company

For a quarter of a century, Abundant Hot Water have been providing plentiful hot water to homes and businesses. We supply, install, and repair hot water systems.

We are adept at gas, electric, solar and pump hot water systems, so you know that whatever system you have in mind, whatever is right for you, we are a one-stop shop.

We will of course make sure we properly assess the condition of your current system, to make sure it can be repaired. If not, we can recommend replacement. All our work comes with a quality guarantee, so you can have profound peace of mind.

We pride ourselves on keeping up-to-date with the latest technology in the industry, so you know we can guide you to a system that is affordable and efficient. With power bills being what they are these days, this is more important than ever.


Availability For Bookings

Abundant Hot Water is available for emergency repairs from 6am to 7pm Monday to Saturday. Outside these hours are by appointment only. To make a booking for a service inspection and repair service. Please call us on 040 330 622 or fill in the booking form on our contact page and we will reply within a few hours to confirm your booking.


Our Experience With Hot Water Systems

With almost 25 years of experience as etechnicians who install, service and repair almost all brands of hot water system we know our advice can help the homeowner or apartment manager. Every single hot water system we install is selected to best suit each location and utility type. We aim to help our customers reduce energy bills by selecting a system size and brand that can reduce energy consumption especially in the winter months where there is a heavy use of hot water.

Customers reduce bills by up to 65% with Heat Pumps

The amount of homes using electric hot water systems

Converting to Solar Hot Water can reduce energy bills by