Upgrading Sacrificial Anodes in Water Heating Systems

Blog | October 9th, 2018

Going on that name, sacrificial anodes “give themselves up” over time. The material forfeits its atomic structure, and it does so by design so that a water heating tank gains an essential corrosion resistance feature. If that material base, the anode rod, is a temporary fitting, then it’ll need to be replaced at some point. […]

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What is the Sacrificial Anode in Water Heating?

Blog | September 24th, 2018

Sacrificial anodes, those installed in water heating tanks, have special roles to play. In plain speak, heater anodes are designed to prevent corrosion. The rods live inside sealed water tanks, submerged in hot water. Without it, a vessel would rust and discharge corrosion-brown water. Equipped with a magnesium or aluminium surfaced sacrificial anode, however, the […]

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Differences between Direct and Indirect Hot Water Cylinders

Blog | September 10th, 2018

In principle, direct water heating systems apply energy straight to the base of a water-filled cylinder. The immersion elements or gas flame directly affect the hot water cylinder. Indirect heating, on the other hand, employs a secondary system mechanism. For this scenario, a heat exchanger carries hot water from a boiler. This incoming fluid medium […]

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Hazards to Keep in Mind When Using Tankless Water Heating Systems

Blog | August 27th, 2018

Efficient and compact, those are the two features that come to mind when you think about tankless water heating systems. And there’s a whole list of other compelling reasons to opt for this modern water heating solution. However, just as other appliances have drawbacks to contend with, so do tankless systems. To begin with, the […]

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Hot Water System Installation and Coordination with Builders for New Homes

Blog | August 17th, 2018

It’s harder to install a hot water system in an existing home. Pipe layouts have already been determined and the locations for the fittings set. Sure, an HVAC installer can work around an intransigent home layout, can find a way to overcome the peculiarities of an existing architectural design, but wouldn’t it be easier to […]

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Differences between Evacuated Tube Solar Collector and Flat Panel Solar Collector

Blog | July 27th, 2018

Today’s post is aimed at pointing out the differences between two popular sustainable energy solutions. They’re both rooftop-mounted modules, and they’re both designed to capture the sun’s heat, but that’s where their similarities end. Kicking off the match-up, evacuated tube solar collectors sport an array of equispaced cylinders. Clearly, then, flat panel solar collectors have […]

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Indicative Signs of Hot Water System Thermostat Failure

Blog | July 9th, 2018

The hot water thermostat is failing, so says a number of alarming warning signs. The tank is fine, completely free of leaks, but the temperature controller is on the brink of a system-undermining breakdown. Happily, if you can identify the signs of this unfortunate control circuit defect, there’s every chance of addressing the problem before […]

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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Electric Water Heating System

Blog | June 22nd, 2018

Choose wisely when you’re shopping for an electric water heating system. Tank capacity and energy efficiency are both important factors, naturally, but have you thought about the strengths of that powered water heater? To be sure, electricity is a common energy source. It’s easy to find because it’s already powering the lights and electronics in […]

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Is Gas Water Heater still Practical to Use?

Blog | June 8th, 2018

It’s good to know your heating options ahead of time. That way, you know the installation costs, the long and short-term benefits associated with each solution, and you gain an insight into the mechanisms that will heat your particular home or commercial setup. Take gas water heating, for instance, a system that delivers instant piping […]

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How Do Heat Pumps Work?

Blog | May 21st, 2018

Like a refrigeration system in reverse, heat pumps perform as clever energy conversion appliances. They pull warmth from the air, so a temperate climate is required to operate one of these systems. Australia, as anyone can confirm, is a warm nation, which means the equipment works around here without trouble. That’s all very nice, but […]

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