Heat Pump Repair and Services in Sydney

August 12, 2020

Properties that need to regularly obtain appropriate temperatures turn to heat pumps. Heat pumps are devices that utilise electricity or any other energy source to effectively transfer heat from one location to another. Unlike other devices under the heat, ventilation, and air conditioning system, heat pumps do not necessarily generate heat. Instead, their sole purpose is to move and transfer heat, which is already enough to provide the needed temperatures of a specific area without spending too much energy.

Given the significance of heat pumps, it is only appropriate for them to be cleaned and maintained all the time. After all, waiting for them to manifest some signs of failures before cleaning them can cost you a lot more compared to just cleaning and maintaining them regularly.

Cleaning and Maintaining Heat Pumps

One vital component of a heat pump that must always be cleaned is its condenser coils. Clean condenser coils can guarantee you maximum heat transfer, efficient energy consumption, excellent indoor comfort and air quality, and longer service life.

In cleaning the condenser coils, you must make sure that the heat pump is entirely turned off. The area around the condenser must also be cleared to remove any obstructions. Afterward, you must remove the outer heat pump cover, top grille, and the fan through a screwdriver. Once they are disassembled, you must now wipe the condenser coils with a condenser coil cleaner or a water and soap solution. Subsequently, you must rinse the soap with water by pointing the water hose towards the condenser fins. If you spot some bent condenser fins, you can straighten them out with a fin comb. Once everything is washed and dried out, you must now put the top grille and heat pump cover back into their places.

Aside from condenser coils, you may want to dust off vents and replace the system air filter every 1 to 2 months. The outdoor unit must also be free from any grass, leaves, dirt, and other debris. A 2-foot area of clearance must likewise be maintained around the heat pump for it to perform optimally and keep the air flowing. Continuously monitoring your heat pump for some issues is also recommended so that if you notice something strange and peculiar, then you can easily call in a professional to check the device.

Repairs and Services for Heat Pumps

When you call in a professional to do some routine check, repairs, and preventative maintenance, you can expect to acquire services that can significantly improve the condition of your heat pump.

One of the services they would initially perform is the overall assessment of the heat pump. Ducts, filters, blowers, indoor coil, wires, motors, bearings, and other components are all checked for damages, accumulation of dust or dirt, leaks, and other defects. Once they have assessed everything that is wrong about the heat pump, they will then start to repair everything.

You can expect them to wipe off dirt or dust, clean indoor coil, drain pan, flush and clean the drain line, seal any leaks in the ducts, repair refrigerant leaks, replace damaged wirings, lubricate motors and bearings, and evaluate the condition of system discharge pressure, refrigerant charge, electrical wiring, electric controls, blower wheel, belts, thermostat, and outdoor temperature sensors.

These repairs and services are only a few of the things that you should expect when a professional check your heat pumps. If your heat pump needs some repairs and maintenance, feel free to call us at Abundant Hot Water. For a quarter of a century, we have been providing plentiful hot water to homes and businesses. We supply, install, and repair hot water systems.

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