What are the Advantages of Gas Water Heaters?

May 25, 2020

During the colder seasons, we would normally want to take a shower with warm water. Fortunately, water heaters can provide warmth and comfort to every household through the process of water heating. This process enables the heating of water to a preferred temperature using a specific energy source. To date, water heaters can be powered by solar energy, electricity, and gas.

One of the most popular types of water heaters is gas water heaters. They utilise gas furnace that is fuelled by natural gas or propane. Aside from heating water, gas water heaters also readily store heated water that can be used right away. The presence of insulation allows gas water heaters to maintain hot water in between heating cycles.

If you are looking for the right water heater for your home, then you may want to consider gas water heaters since they consist of the following advantages over the other water heater types.

Fast Heating Process

Compared to other types of water heaters, gas water heaters can easily make the water hot in just a short time. Gas water heaters work and recover fast than electric models, allowing them to replenish hot water supply right away. Moreover, the fast recovery rate of these heaters enables your family to enjoy an adequate supply of hot water. This specific advantage of gas water heaters is ideal for huge households that have typically high demand for hot water supply.

Cleaner Water

At the expense of more energy consumption, any water from your pipes can be boiled and heated freshly by tankless gas water heaters. Unlike storage water heaters, tankless gas water heaters do not collect hard mineral deposits. They do not even allow rust to come into the system. But if you still go for storage gas water heaters, you can still solve the rust and mineral deposit accumulation problem by just regular proper maintenance.

Lower Energy Costs

During operations, gas water heaters greatly suffer heat loss from exhaust gases and the walls of the tank. However, even with this downside, these heaters are still much cheaper to operate. The use of natural gas and propane as a power source for water heaters enables you to save a huge amount of money since it is much cheaper than electricity. In the long run, operations and energy costs for gas water heaters are significantly lower than other water heater types.

Easy Installation

One great advantage of gas water heaters compared to other types of water heaters is their easy installation. Gas water heaters are normally easy to install, especially if your home already has a gas line. Moreover, they can even be installed anywhere. Whether you like them indoors or outdoors, their compact form factors allow them to be fitted easily. And since their installation is easy, you can expect lower expenses from your service providers.

Enhanced Safety

Propane gas is one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels in the world. This specific gas is even approved by authorities as an alternative fuel for different pieces of machinery and devices. With these facts, the use of this gas for water heaters prevents the drastic emission of greenhouse gas. And since propane is a non-toxic gas, your gas water heater will not, in any way, damage the environment. The non-toxic feature of this gas also prevents the risk of causing fire threats and accidents.

If you are convinced that the gas water heater is for you, then call us now at Abundant Hot Water so that we can install one for you. We offer the full suite of services for hot water systems, including installations, repairs, and general servicing.

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