Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Tankless Water Heater

August 7, 2019

Not to brag, the Pros are always going to win out over the Cons when a post focuses on Tankless Water Heaters. Being as objective and unbiased as possible, an impartial third-party can’t help but point a tankless appliance’s finest feature, a gift for discharging on-demand hot water. Better yet, there’s the knowledge that substantial […]

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How Can Rusting be Prevented Inside the Tank of a Water Heater?

July 18, 2019

Steel and copper hot water tanks corrode when they’re left unadorned. That’s why special coatings are fused to tank metals. True, there’s anodic protection in there, and that metal rod is designed to sacrifice itself. All the same, alloy water heater tanks should be protected. To furnish this shield, this strong interior barrier, different equipment […]

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Hot Water Systems Failure That Calls for Emergency Repairs

July 2, 2019

Not every hot water system defect requires the services of an emergency repair engineer. Sure, for peace of mind, a customer probably will get on the service hotline and ask whether their appliance or property is at risk. Ultimately, however, only a handful of system failure conditions will result in the immediate dispatch of an […]

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Noisy Hot Water System: What are the Possible Causes?

June 16, 2019

You are about to settle in for the night when you hear mysterious noises coming from the pipes in your walls. After a little trial and error, you come to realise that these noises occur whenever you run your hot water. Noisy hot water systems are incredibly common, though they should not be ignored. Today, […]

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How Often Should You Drain Your Electric Water Heater Tank?

June 2, 2019

Time will have its way. That’s an axiom that applies to everything, even electric water heaters. Over time, these appliances become less efficient. For natural wear problems, maintenance technicians do their best to extend tank life expectancy. They check and tune every system. But then there’s tank sediment, which can’t be fine-tuned. This heat attenuating […]

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