Should You Worry About Water Discolouration and Metallic Taste in Your Hot Water System?

February 21, 2020

The main purpose of installing and using a hot water system in our homes is to increase the temperature of our tap water. Without this system, we are stuck with water that is cold and chilly. Other purposes of using a hot water system are convenience and efficiency. This tool can easily adjust the temperature of your water without going through a lot of processes, which helps you save a significant amount of money and energy.

However, just like other systems and devices in our homes, they can still experience some problems. As for your hot water system, the main element that you should check for is your water itself. Two of the most common problems that water from the hot water system has are discolouration and odd taste. Surprisingly, both of these problems are connected and can be solved altogether.

Finding out the Root Cause

Before solving a problem, you should know its primary source first. This concept can be applied to a hot water system since all tools and devices have weak points at some point in their life cycles. Is this problem new for your hot water system? Is it only evident on one of your taps? When does discoloured water come out? Do both your hot and cold taps have this issue? Listing all possible causes of the problem can help you diagnose and fix your hot water system right away. You can also give all your findings with your technician to promptly address the problem.

Determining the Type of Discolouration

If your tap water becomes brown, yellow, or red in colour, then your water is guaranteed to possess rust. This rusting may come from the pipes in your house, from the pipes coming into your house, or from your hot water system itself. This type of water discolouration may not pose health issues to you and your family, but it can still get your water taste metallic. It can also stain your clothing and dishes.

The case is different with green water. Tap water that is green in colour means that your copper pipe is now corroding. A copper normally produces bluish-green tint whenever it corrodes, which can stain your sink or tub in the long run. Another element that causes green water is the inclusion of lead from the solder joints in old plumbing. Lead is dangerous to your health. So, drinking green water can be dangerous.

Another case of discolouration takes the form of white or tan particles in your water. These particles, which are usually calcium or magnesium, may come from your pipes or hot water system. Using this type of discoloured water is not dangerous to your health. However, it can clog your pipes and drain over time.

A Universal Solution

The discolouration and the metallic taste of your tap water can easily be solved and even prevented if you regularly clean your hot water system. You can do this by turning off and draining all the water from your hot water system. Afterward, clean all the elements of your water heater with a mixture of vinegar and water. You can also use sodium carbonate and water for cleaning. Finally, you may want to install a water filtration system or water softener in your hot water system. Installing them can block out all extraneous elements out of your water supply.

Problems like discolouration and metallic taste on your tap water can be prevented as long as you maintain your hot water system. However, if you notice that your hot water system has aged very badly, then you may have to replace it with a new one. If you want to shop for a hot water system, you can contact us now at Abundant Hot Water.

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