Can Water Heaters Outlast Its Life Expectancy?

January 8, 2019

On accessing current technology trends, water heaters can now last as long as 10-15 years. Tankless models, because they’re cut free of problematic water storage units, outlast their larger cousins by as much as 5 years. The question is: Are those figures set in stone? Well, that’s a good question, one that demands a carefully considered response.

Employ Maintenance Resources

Water heater installers don’t consider their work finished after the equipment is up and running. Commissioned and tested, the job still isn’t over after the drop sheets and work gear are back inside their truck, nor when every household or office item has been put back in its proper place. A famous movie bad guy once said, “I’ll be back.” That’s a phrase heard from installation engineers after they’re finished, for they know the gear will need care if it’s to last. To outlast its life expectancy, there are worn parts to replace, aging sacrificial anodes to inspect, and all manner of subsystems to check out.

Evaluating External Aging Factors

What’s causing a client’s water heater to age so fast? The same model was installed in the same month in another part of the same city, yet it’s in perfect condition. There’s no mystery to solve, not really. Inspected by a seasoned heating engineer, the reason for the premature aging is clear; the dilapidated unit is full of hard water. That fluid is exerting a corrosive effect, an ever so gradual material-fatiguing influence. The water needs to be inspected for pH causticity and suspended minerals. At worst, a cloudy sediment film will interfere with element-to-water heating efficiency, and the occupants will wonder why the water is slow to heat every day.

Establishing Life-Extending Solutions

As mentioned earlier, a newer model tankless unit will last longer than a standard water heater. Should the new equipment have a storage tank, there are still actions that can be taken, though. Filters and water treatment systems neutralize harmful water-suspended elements as they enter buildings. Replaced elements keep electrical circuits stress-free while gas system cleanings remove blackened detritus from the burner components. As for the tank-aging and heat attenuating sediment, well, an annual system flush will soon take care of this trapped foreign matter.

The branded water heaters that are found in stores or promoted by eager installation technicians all come with an attached life expectancy rating. It’s a conservative figure, and it can be extended. Beware of external aging factors. A seasoned installation professional will soon run such concerns to ground, probably by installing a multistage filter. Otherwise, do engage a company that offers a comprehensive scheduled maintenance program.

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