Electric Tankless Hot Water Systems: Continuous Hot Water Supply without the Fuss

February 13, 2019

Here comes that one headlining feature, the appliance attribute that receives so much coverage. Right at the top of a sales brochure, there it is, the ability of a tankless hot water system to continuously pump out hot water. No fuss, no muss, as the ads always declare so confidently, the hot water supply is there as an on-demand, electrically generated resource, hot and toasty, and microprocessor regulated.

A Fuss-Free Hot Water System

Enough with the sales talk, though. What’s needed here is a level-headed look inside an electric tankless hot water system. After a long day, feeling cranky and sore, all we want is a nice, hot shower. Better yet, not restricted to the shower cubicle alone, that continuous supply of hot water should be on hand to cascade out of every home tap. The last thing we want at this time, while a meal or hot drink is being prepared downstairs, is to spend a minute or more waiting for the toasty warm water to arrive. Everyone knows the sequence here, with one hand placed under a cold stream of tap water. There’s that interminable pause while we wait for the water to run warm. Well, with an electric tankless hot water system, that frustration-causing period shrinks to nothing.

Continuous Hot Water Secrets

Storage systems were always living on borrowed time. They’re a notoriously inefficient solution to an energy-eating problem. With an electric unit mounted on a wall, in its compact body, the heating effect isn’t triggered until the tap is twisted. When that action takes place, cold water flows, electric elements turn on, and the on-demand hot water heads out to the open tap. That’s a barebones description, though. Adding meat to the bones, the equipment actually senses the temperature of the incoming water, then it instructs a microprocessor, tells its electronic brain to automatically send just enough electrical energy out so that the elements efficiently heat the on-demand hot water.

Better optimized, there’s no uncomfortably hot water one moment or chilly water the next, just because a bather’s hand has twisted a thermostat by a hair’s breadth. The system microprocessor on an electric tankless hot water system micromanages super-accurate element arrays, which produce digitally controlled tap and shower water temperatures. That means our ever-cautious test bather spends seconds adjusting the bathing temperature, not a minute of adjustment hell. Essentially, the controls have always been there, but they were applied to systems that subjected the hot water supply to a form of thermal “drag.” Now, with microprocessor control and on-demand heating, we’re entering an age of true fuss-free bathing.

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