Emergency Hot Water System Repairs in Sydney: Why DIY is a Big NO

January 25, 2018

Your hot water system is gurgling strangely. The water is cold, then it’s scalding hot, cold again, and now the trickling stream is issuing some nasty orange liquid. In Sydney, as with any other thriving major city, this is a job for an emergency repair service. On the other hand, isn’t a DIY solution a cheaper, faster way forward? No, it is not. And this approach must be categorically arrested.

This is A Major DIY No-no 

The following instructions should not be ignored. Rather than risk life and limb, take a few minutes to think about that opening statement. Then, before contemplating a hastily arranged DIY project, remember that water and electricity don’t mix. Likewise, water and a lit flame are not meant to exist in the same area. No, this is a potentially unpredictable repair scenario. There could, just as one example, be a water leak. If that water contacts a live electrical conductor, the entire hot water system could become momentarily electrified. Sure, a circuit breaker will isolate this short circuit, but what if it doesn’t? What if it takes a few valuable seconds to interrupt the life-endangering electrical current? Granted, these are all ‘ifs’ and ‘maybes,’ but you simply can’t afford that risk. Emergency hot water system repairs obviously advocate a fast dispatch service, and it’s this seasoned technician who then deals with those risk factors.

Professionally Handled Emergencies 

Watch the trained tech at work. Give him a little room, though. He moves quickly but never rushes. Electrical circuits are isolated, pilot lights are extinguished, and fuel sources are turned firmly to the off position. Not a single risk is taken, not when this professionally licensed and accredited emergency worker is on the case. Not that we’re actively trying to blunt your Do-It-Yourself spirit, a penchant for have-a-go problem solving that seems to have a home in all Sydney citizens. No, it’s just that there are drawbacks to this enthusiastic approach. One rushed action is all it takes to twist the mains water valve the wrong way. Worse yet, some keen home-improvement types may not even know where these pipes and valves are located. Time is critical, the clock is ticking and that damage is impacting the whole property, especially when that leaking water soaks the structure’s support lumber.

Emergency hot water system repairs are dispatched in a timely manner. They work around the clock, arrive promptly, and immediately isolate the problem. Safely rendered inert, the once potentially hazardous scene can now be worked upon by the repair service. Take advantage of that safe and effective service. Don’t handle an emergency situation with a DIY solution, not when there’s hot water, electricity, and/or gas in the mix.

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