Know the Best Location Where You Can Install Your Water Heater at Home

January 6, 2020

Water heaters play a vital role in terms of regulating the temperature of the water. At our homes, we want to feel the soothing effect of our preferred temperature of water every time you use them. We use this water whenever we wash our dishes, take a bath or shower, or do our laundry. Whatever your usage is, this water heater is certainly a game-changer for every household.

Once you tried using a water heater, they say there’s no going back to your old ways. This statement only means that water heater can affect you in a very good way. So, if you are planning to install one, make sure that it will be functional so that you won’t regret buying one. To make everything go smoothly, here are some best locations as to where you should install your water heater at home.


Perhaps the go-to place of all equipment running on the background, basements are strategically located in our home for us to hide whatever machinery we have at home. While they are hidden, all tools and equipment located here serve important functions for the convenience of our home. For water heater, this basement can protect the heater from any harsh weather conditions, given that everything around the basement is sealed. Moreover, it would be easier for you to access and maintain the water heater if it is installed in the basement.


The opposite of the basement, outdoor locations are also possible for a water heater to survive and perform its functions. Installing a water heater outdoors guarantees you a lot of saved space inside your home. Moreover, you won’t be needing pipes for venting of the water heater anymore since the equipment is already situated outside. What you must look out for, however, is the weather conditions outside since weather changes momentarily.


If you have a garage at home, then you can also place your water heater there. It shares the same advantages of a basement, most especially if you have a garage that can be closed fully. Aside from protecting the water heater from any harsh weather condition, you are also protecting the heater from the accumulation of dust, dirt, and moisture. This protection is possible since garages are cleaned more frequently than the basement. One takeaway of the garage, however, is that you should keep the water heater away from any electrical joints and combustible materials.


Ideal for houses with more than two floors, the attic is the best place for you to store the water heater for numerous reasons. Aside from the usual protection from harsh weather conditions, the ventilation system of this heater can be passed through your chimney if ever you have one. This structure will make it easier for your heater to function without any failure. The only downside for installing a water heater at the attic is that the existing plumbing and electric wiring configuration must be modified. Moreover, the leak from your water heater may cause damages to the floors below.


Aside from the aforementioned locations, there are a lot more locations where you can install your water heater. If you have a system that is compact and small, you may want to install your water heater under your sink, in bathrooms, closets, pantries, and under your stairs. These locations can give you the best distance when it comes to delivering warm or hot water straight to your taps or showers without waiting for a few seconds or minutes.

Before installing your water heater, you must consider first its location. If you want to know more about the installation process of the water heater, you can turn to us at Abundant Hot Water.

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