Possible Causes and Remedies for Water Discolouration in Hot Water Supply

April 17, 2019

Having clean hot water on demand is one of the most amazing human advancements of all time. We’ve grown to expect clean water to come from our taps whenever we turn them on. When we get water that is showing signs of discolouration, something is clearly wrong. When you notice discolouration in your hot water supply, you might feel compelled to panic. After all, what is going on here? Is this discolouration dangerous? What could cause this issue? Today, we’re going to go through a few common causes and remedies for discoloured water from your hot water supply.

Causes and Solutions for Discoloured Hot Water

Turning on the hot water in your home and receiving discoloured water in return can be alarming, to say the least. With that being said, this problem isn’t going to uproot your entire life. While discoloured water from your hot water supply is bad, it isn’t a reason to panic. As it turns out, there are a variety of common reasons that could lead to this issue and most of them are completely harmless, albeit annoying. Let’s look at a few of the most common plumbing-related issues for discolouration in your hot water supply.

1) Contaminant Buildup – The leading cause of discoloured hot water in your home or place of business is likely due to contaminant buildup. Over time, minerals and sediment can begin to accrue inside of your water heater tank. As these materials settle at the bottom of your tank, the contaminants will cling to your pipes and begin to discolour the hot water being served up to the rest of your home. Not only will your water turn a different colour, but the effectiveness of your entire system will be put into question.

Remedy – Consider hiring a plumber to flush out your hot water heater. You’ll have to drain your tank, flush out the system, and reinstall the unit.

2) Rusty Pipes
– In the same way that materials can cling to the inside of your water heater, your network of pipes can suffer from a similar problem. Rust and corrosion on piping can lead to discoloured hot water. As your pipes age, they will endure degradation. While most modern piping solutions will last a long time, older homes may not have the same level of quality within their plumbing network.

Remedy – If you have old pipes that are rusted and showing signs of corrosion, consider having the pipes replaced.

Solutions from Abundant Hot Water

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