Solar Hot Water System: How It Works Even During Rainy or Cloudy Days

October 15, 2019

Innovation has pushed the mind beyond the border of what was once impossible. Certain technological breakthroughs not only impressed us greatly, but also brought us comfort and options. Who would have known that acquiring solar energy to convert sunlight into electricity would be our reality? However, that’s the thing with technology – it continuously evolves. All we have to do is understand and utilise it in the manner for which it was created.

Take solar hot water system for instance. It is the conversion of sunlight into heat using solar thermal panels. Such is often used for water heating purposes. A solar water heater is installed at an area where sunlight is available (usually in a terrace). Once the water is heated, it is then stored in an insulated storage container where it will remain until it is needed. The demand for hot water is high because it is necessary in domestic activities such as bathing, washing and cleaning – most especially on cold days.

How does it Work on Rainy and Cloudy Days?

People have casted their doubt on the efficiency of the solar hot water system. Having the Sun as its sole power source, many logically assumed that the solar hot water system will no longer be effective in the absence of the heavenly body. That is why people have enquired how the solar hot water system works on rainy and cloudy days.

The solar hot water system operates most on the days with enough sunlight. The system generates 85 percent of your needs from solar energy. Majority of the work it produces is accomplished under sunny conditions. The output it produces is highly dependent on the amount of infrared sunlight available. The solar hot water system is able to produce 50 to 70 percent of its output under bright days. That is why during rainy or cloudy days a backup energy source is necessary to keep it at its optimum working condition.

Even on a cloudy or rainy day, there is still a chance that the solar hot water system would work due to the available diffused radiation in the atmosphere. However, there is no guarantee that the output will be sufficiently hot. In order to obtain the desired temperature, you must connect the solar hot water system to an emergency electric geyser/ backup to be able to produce hot water even on rainy and cloudy days.

Such innovations are indeed contributing to the improvement of life as we know it. Machineries like the solar hot water system have been taking us to leap into further heights. Not only did this system improved the lives of many, it also took advantage of the Sun, a resource made available long before.

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