Solar Water Heater System: Common Problems and How to Tell When Servicing Is Required

April 26, 2018

Solar water heater systems are an efficient and cost-effective manner to provide a continual supply of hot water to homes. These systems operate by collecting the sun’s energy through panels that are positioned appropriately on your roof or another location on your property. Today, these heating systems have become more reliable and durable than their early counterparts were in operation, but this does not mean that problems do not occur with them on occasion. We list some of the common problems below and offer advice on how to tell when servicing is necessary to solve them.


Leaking can occur if there is damage to the pressure-relief or temperature valve, either of which is in the solar panels on the roof. Another reason for leaks is if the fittings on pipes work loose or if the pipes break for some reason.

No Hot Water

If you discover that there is no hot water at all, it could be your mixing valve, auxiliary heater, thermostat, or gas or electric heating element causing this issue. Whatever the cause, you may need to replace the part to once again have hot water.

Water Is Not Sufficiently Hot

Another issue that could occur with a solar water heater system is that the water is not sufficiently hot for your needs. One reason for this could be too many cloudy days in a row make is difficult for the solar panels to convert the right amount of energy to heat your water up to the desired temperature. Also, your panels not being in the right position is yet an additional reason for this to occur.

Loose Connections and Wiring

You should keep your solar water heater system in the proper condition 24/7, and this includes the connections and wiring. Regular inspections will ensure that these elements do not loosen to the point of malfunction. At the same time, you should check for any frayed wires since they can be a fire hazard.

Circulation Pump Issues

Problems with the circulation pump can prevent the efficient delivery of hot water. Either the pump can malfunction or there can be a blockage in the circulation system.

Broken Solar Panels

At times, the glass on the solar panels can break due to weather or even just age. This break can negatively affect a panel’s ability to collect energy from the sun.

For any of the above problems or other issues that can occur with your solar water heater system, you can rely on Abundant Hot Water for the right solution to return your system back to optimal operating condition. We specialise in hot water installation, service, repair and emergency repair on gas, electric, heat pump and solar hot water systems. Do not make the mistake of thinking that you can repair all of the problems on your own since this can cost you additional funds to correct when you fail.


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