The Importance of Safety Installation in Hot Water Systems

December 1, 2017

Many households all over Sydney rely on their gas, electric, and solar hot water systems to provide heated water when needed, for bathing, cleaning dishes and washing clothes. However, when repairing and installing hot water systems, all work should be conducted legally by licensed professionals, as the importance of safety installation in hot water systems cannot be underestimated.

No matter if it is a gas, electric, or solar powered hot water system, safety should always be the main priority. But if done illegally, by an unlicensed plumber, the results can be disastrous, to say the least.

Unsafe, Illegal Installation of Hot Water Systems Puts You at Risk

Why is it so important to hire licensed plumbers and electricians to install hot water systems in your home or business? Because you are guaranteed to avoid many of the pitfalls if you don’t. For example, unlicensed plumbers and electricians will not be able to meet Australia’s safety standards, and may overlook things like installing necessary automatic shut off valves that could prevent damage.

That is because they lack the proven safety training, knowledge and skills, unlike professional, licensed plumbers and electricians who have the credentials proving that they are qualified to install gas, electric, and solar hot water systems.

Not Worth Saving Money Installing an Unsafe Hot Water System

It is understandable why people choose to hire unlicensed tradespeople to install hot water systems, they want to save little money. However, in seeking to save some cash, people don’t realise that it puts their family’s welfare and their home in danger because there is no way to guarantee the safety of their hot water system.

Improperly installed hot water systems can lead to a number of potential problems, such as a cylinder bursting that could cause uncontrolled water to destroy carpets, skirting boards, and valuable joinery. In fact, an improperly installed hot water system becomes an unsafe ticking time bomb ready to explode into many problems. Also, any warranties on equipment become void if installed by unlicensed plumbers because safety standards cannot be met or proven.

The Importance of Safety Installation in Hot Water Systems

If you have plans to replace your old hot water system with a gas, electric, or solar powered one, but you want to make sure that you have a licensed company install it safely for you, without voiding the warranty and with the guarantee that all work is insured, then we can help you, at Abundant Hot Water.

Abundant Hot Water is a fully licensed and insured company, specialising in the installation, maintenance, and repairs of all brands of gas, electric, and solar powered hot water systems.

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