What Makes Tankless Hot Water Systems Ideal for Small Apartments?

October 6, 2019

Lacking cupboard space and open wall surfaces, small apartments don’t easily excuse the presence of conventional hot water systems. There’s not enough elbow space, not enough room to set aside for a large water storage cylinder inside restricted floor plans. No worries, one way people are overcoming such application bottlenecks is by using tankless hot water technology.

No Feline Swinging Allowed

That’s right, there’s no room to swing a cat in a tiny apartment. Every storage area is full of cardboard boxes and stored clothing, and that old acoustic guitar also needs a place to rest. Seriously, a maintenance closet hosting a plinth, a pedestal that in turn supports a tall hot water storage unit, isn’t a practical feature to have in a small apartment. Advantage goes to tankless hot water equipment, then, for this gear is so compact that it can be mounted on a small section of exposed wall.

Beating Apartment Stacking Issues

Here’s another problem, the fact that modern apartment complexes are stacked like pigeonholes. Poorly soundproofed, you can hear foot traffic and television noise coming through the walls and ceilings. With a regular water heater, that could cause new problems. If the equipment needs to vent upwards, and that’s what happens when gas heaters eject system exhaust, then the piping can’t very well funnel the gas waste into the apartment above. Fortunately, tankless hot water systems can easily vent their gasses sideways. Through an outside wall, a fan horizontally blows the exhaust safely away.

Overcomes Apartment Utility Cost Headaches

Of much merit, these lightweight water heating systems benefit apartment managers, too. Imagine the energy savings. A 100 apartment complex, each fitted with a storage tank, is keeping all of that water warm for hours on end. The water has to rise multiple levels to reach those tanks, so there are additional pumps on the ground, perhaps stored away in some maintenance level. That’s more money spent keeping those pumps online and in good working order. The costs are exorbitant, at least they are until the complex is upgraded. With the space-consuming tanks ripped out, all of those tiny flats receive on-demand hot water.

And on-demand heat is cheaper. Venting through side walls is also a more logical approach. With tankless equipment, horizontally discharged exhaust streams aren’t a problem, not with a powered venting fan operating. Then there’s the space-saving feature, which can’t be stressed enough. Small apartment owners don’t have basements, don’t have spare closets to fill with pipes and tanks, so a wall-mountable tankless hot water system isn’t just a convenient and cost-saving option, it’s an absolute necessity as a space-saving hot water source.

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