Winter Preparation Tips for Hot Water System Owners

April 10, 2018

Take a break from sweeping falling autumn leaves. The season is about to change. This is the perfect time to prepare your hot water system for winter. Like a child who’s getting his very first winter jacket, you’ll proactively bundle up your tank, insulate the pipes, and mollycoddle that system. Presented as a series of fundamental tips, this cold weather protection guide begins with weatherproofing.

Seal The Structure 

The hot water system in your home doesn’t like the cold weather. For that matter, neither do you. Instead of focusing on the pipes and tank straight away, weatherstrip your windows and doors. Caulk cracked walls, replace worn home insulation, and seal those structural gaps.

Prepare The System Jacket 

It’s still the tail end of autumn, but clouds are collecting in the sky, plus your breath is frosting the air. Keep your heated water tank toasty by fitting it with an insulated jacket. Aluminium-finished drum blankets work well as cold weather coats.

Use Whole-system Protection 

Sadly, the hot water pipes are still exposed. If these pipes freeze, the icy water will expand. Leaks are likely when these conditions exist. Use specially manufactured pipe foam to ward off the chill. Easy to install, the foam stops the water from icing up and bursting your pipes.

Cold Climate Extremes 

If you live at a higher altitude or in a country that experiences the full effects of an arctic winter, snow is a problem. That’s not often a problem in Australia, but it does impact many other nations. Clear the snow away from system intake and exhaust vents. By the way, you’ll want to turn up the thermostat on your hot water unit, because the incoming temperature of the mains water is dropping.

System Winterizing 

The winter has arrived, but you’re vacationing on a tropical beach. What about your hot water system? Drain it before packing for your dream holiday. Drain the water, turn off the electricity or gas, and close the down the mains water valve at the point it enters your property.

EPDM pipe foam and fibre-reinforced blankets stop the cold from penetrating your hot water system. Better yet, there are heated blankets that actively warm your tank. Still, if you’re looking for a tailored solution, one that’ll drop your energy bill but not your bank balance, you need to call in your local service engineer. Familiar with local weather conditions, this heating system expert will advise you on the most efficient winter preparation measures.

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